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Financing your IT Solutions

It makes business sense and it’s a simple process. South Africa is facing some tough times, however business cannot stop! IT Infrastructure needs to run at optimum levels in order for any company to be efficient and productive and even more so into 2019 and beyond. Most companies still struggle with good internet infrastructure because it’s expensive […]

Do you know the difference between financing equipment and leasing equipment?

Equipment Financing A loan to buy equipment is much like any other business loan. There is a chance you may be asked to put down a certain percent of the total cost of the equipment.  Further, you’ll undergo the normal loan underwriting process, and will likely be asked for information like your credit score and […]

Modernizing The Workplace With Microsoft 365

The boundary between tasks performed by humans and machines is evolving more rapidly than ever before, thanks in part to the recent pandemic. As a result, a new work culture is surfacing – one that combines new business models with remote teams and complex security challenges. The modern workplace aims to encourage productivity, collaboration, and […]